South Carolina North Charleston 29418

South Carolina North Charleston 29418

We get it – finding financing for your start up is a painstaking process and you’re not even sure where to turn since most banks have pre-set underwriting standards that 99.9% of start-ups don’t qualify for. You have a vision and the passion to make things happen for your new startup, but you need some money to launch your startup, start generating sales, or expand your existing business. At – we’re here to help you make that happen!

Getting Financing From Banks: Banks in South Carolina or North Charleston will not offer you loans without revenues, collateral, bank statements, tax returns, financial projections, and typically 2 or more years in business. SBA loans will often require more than the banks, including collateral in your house.

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What Is The Best Alternative?:  Business Credit Lines! Your startup has to start building its credit profile so you might as well start today and get the funding you need to grow your company. By obtaining Business Credit Lines and leveraging the vast network of – you can qualify for many business credit lines at once to obtain the most working capital possible.

In fact – once you connect with our wide network by calling us at 888-531-1571 or registering here, our professional start-up loan managers will actually help package your project to get you the best funding available to expand your business. The coaching and guidance that you will receive will help you get a credit line for your new company quickly and without the hassle.

New Business Credit Line vs Equity: Have you ever watched the TV show, Shark Tank? Well have you ever seen them take 30% – 60% of a new company for giving them only a little funding such as $40,000 – $80,000. How would you like to give up that much ownership of your company up to get started? Probably not, right! Well, a new business credit line allows you to keep 100% of your equity and does not take any equity in your startup. Plus, you won’t have business partners watching over your shoulders or making demands upon you every month as you would have to with an equity partner.

NO Up Front Fees: To apply for a New Business Credit Line or Loan – there are Absolutely NO Up-Front Fees, No hidden fees, No credit card charges, No Equity, and No bank statements. It’s a simple process that begins with a phone call to review your project and what your needs are. Just answer a few questions to complete your application to get the ball rolling.

Call 888-531-1571 To Get Started Today

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Here’s The Scoop: We’re being totally honest with you here – many customers do not qualify the first time they submit an application. However, professional advisors  will help you through the process of receiving a small business line of credit. Some of the things the lenders and finance firms look for when applying for a credit line are as follows:

  • Respectable credit (FICO score of at least 670)
  • No judgments
  • No tax liens
  • Current driver’s license

However, in considering the above, many of our clients will require credit repair and restoration to help eliminate the negative items on their credit report, which in most cases can quickly boost your credit score by 50 – 80 points. By simply removing tax liens, judgments, inquiries, old late payments and other derogatory remarks using a proven procedure and process, your credit score can jump quite a bit in only a few short weeks.

The bottom line is – your company needs capital to launch and grow and this is the perfect opportunity to begin that process now. If you need Credit Repair – Click here to connect with a nationally recognized credit repair firm.

Many times clients will bring in a business partner or financial partner with excellent credit to combine their resources and have a greater credit profile together. With credit repair and restoration and bringing in a partner, having a higher combined credit score will can qualify you for more funding.

Create A Budget For Your Startup: In planning for your startup and raising capital in SC, make sure you put a monthly budget together that shows the details of how and where you will be spending the credit line to grow your business, as well as the projection of sales that show how you make money. That way, you’ll have a better understanding of how much financing you need to raise, and also have the comfort of planning and understanding in advance how it’s going to be used to build your company. Will you be buying equipment, hiring staff, renting an office, or doing advertising and marketing to bring in new business? Get the financing you need today – Call us at 888-531-1571.

As your business funding partner – we are here to help you get the financing  for your business as quickly as possible. You have dreams and plans for expanding your company and creating a lifestyle that’s filled with fun, family, friends and financial freedom. Take a step in the right direction and get the funding you deserve!

We proudly help new startups in the greater North Charleston area and surrounding regions.

Contact us today to get started!

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